What Makes PCS Different

We’re Here For You
With PCS, you’ll receive a comprehensive budget estimate and construction plan for your dream build or renovation. After consulting with our knowledgable team, you’ll be equipped with design inspiration and a tailored blueprint, allowing your project to move forward whether you partner with us or not.
More Planning. Less Headaches.
When it comes to design schedules and build costs, we leave no stone unturned. Our estimates are meticulous and transparent so that you stay informed regarding the full scope of your project. While we’re working on your commercial property, following your budget, you should stay apprised about everything.
A Team You Can Trust
We take full responsibility for transforming your commercial space. Since we stress trust and communication at every level, the most impactful compliment you can give us is trusting our crew with your business. When you choose PCS as your general contractor, we’ll keep you updated on your project’s status, design changes, and budget numbers in real-time, anytime.
Highly Experienced
PCS has years of commercial construction experience. If you own a business and are looking to renovate, modernize, or expand your commercial space, PCS provides the most cost-effective commercial construction solutions for your company. Whether you would like to transform your entire office, or add an additional room to your commercial space, we do it all.

Our Process

How Our Process Works

Starting from scratch? – Start with Step 1. Already have plans and specifications in-hand? Skip to Step 4


Brainstorm Your Project

During our consultation, our team will meet with you at your space and talk about what you’re hoping to achieve with your design build or renovation. This initial consultation is 30-60 minutes long and is our time to brainstorm construction ideas, however small or big.


Creating An Initial Budget

After getting to know each other better, we will get an idea of how much your project will cost so you’re always in control of your spending. Unforeseen construction charges can set you back and cause frustration, so we try to avoid that sort of thing as best as we can.


Retaining Our Services

Once you have a cost estimate, we collect a minimum of 3% retainer fee to develop detailed plans and design selections. Our team gets to know your commercial space more intimately while you get to explore design ideas in real time that inspire you and improve your project.


Review Design

It’s time for us to narrow in on our design approach. We present you with a detailed project scope and final budget that everyone gets to approve of or make changes to before we officially start engineering your dreams.


Finalize It All

We provide our final pricing based on the design scope created. Once we address any last minute changes or budgetary concerns, we lock in the final scope and finalize our construction materials.


Let’s Get Started

Ready to sign on the dotted line? At PCS, we’re dedicated to helping you bring your project’s construction vision to life!

Let’s Get Started

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Ready to sign on the dotted line? At PCS, we’re dedicated to helping you bring your project’s construction vision to life!